Harnessing the power of the senses with scent

Scent plays a powerful role in all elements of the human experience and can ultimately increase profits in business if harnessed professionally. Our uniquely scented environments reinforce brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty, helping businesses to interact and emotionally engage with the modern consumer without lifting a finger.

In today’s competitive business world, in addition to quality products and great service we can’t neglect the customer’s physical experience in your business space, premium scenting is a powerful marketing tool and has been a strategy long adopted by many successful brands and outlets in Australia – it’s the latest frontier in standing out from traditional commercial visual and audio brand image strategies.

Our CFI fragrance specialist can uniquely design any scent tailored to your business products and services, whether it be hotels, showrooms, retail, shopping centres or hospitality, CFI scenting systems can be wall mounted or installed directly in to your air-conditioning HVAC.

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