WITH OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the industry, CFI have a reputation for providing premium quality services to commercial venues in carpet cleaning and preventative maintenance, carpet repairs, upholstery maintenance, water/flood damage, pest management, tile restoration and outdoor facilities management. Click on a service below to learn more.

Venue Scenting — Australia Wide!

Harness the power of the senses with CFI Venue Scenting services!

Scent plays a powerful role in all elements of the human experience and can ultimately increase profits in business if harnessed professionally. Our uniquely scented environments reinforce brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty, helping businesses to interact and emotionally engage with the modern consumer without lifting a finger.

Service available Australia wide!

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Commercial Pest Control

Whatever your industry, all pests are bad for business. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will eliminate pests from your venue, permanently with our guaranteed (Priority One Service) CFI Pest Management control program. We offer our unique unlimited service calls a one monthly charge and same day service to eliminate the problem swiftly.

CFI technicians understand having pests on your premises can have such a social negative impact on your business, therefore we aim to minimise disruption to your day to day business operations and happy to service your venue before or after operational hours.

Our technicians wear photo identification, and are in CFI uniforms that are easily recognised and never arrive onsite without prior arrangement from senior management so venue security can be advised. Whilst we pride ourselves on old fashioned customer service, our methods and equipment are ultra-modern and cutting edge for the service we provide.

The audit process for pest management can be quite time consuming for a commercial venue, therefore, at CFI we take care of this for you. From the initial site inspection and program recommendation you can ensure your venue is in the best hands for the job. You will receive, once commencing our CFI pest management service agreement, the following:

  1. CFI site register – Pesticide usage log records, Licensing records, MSD sheets, Safe work method statements, insurance certificates of currency
  2. Pesticide usage log records (for local council audit processes)
  3. Unlimited service call guarantee at no additional charge
  4. Guaranteed same day service call in the event of an emergency
  5. Fixed pricing for 3 years

CFI pest management technicians have over 25 years’ experience in the pest control industry and understand the effects that pesticides can have and how they may impact on the environment. We have implemented an (EMS) Environmental Management System which addresses the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing the environmental impacts.

This means we can identify aspects of your venue that impact the environment and understand those environmental laws that are relevant to your situation. The next step is to produce objectives for improvement and a personalised management program to achieve our goals. With regular reviews, we can periodically asses the system for continual improvement.

Commercial Hygiene & Washroom Services

In Commercial venues, the safety of your customers and staff is of the utmost importance, therefore at CFI we are always up to date with training and product knowledge to ensure we offer you the most effective hygiene solutions for your commercial setting.

We provide a fresher atmosphere and a more comfortable environment for your customers and staff by installing our specialised T-Cell deodorising systems. These units work to combat unpleasant, stale and undesirable odours that can be created by continual, regular use by the patrons and staff in your venue. Our environmentally friendly products come in a range of pleasantly scented perfumes as well as being biodegradable.

CFI offers many services to cater for all of your hygiene and washroom needs, these include:

  1. Feminine hygiene sanitary bins, both manual and automatic options.
  2. Urinal hygiene services
  3. T-Cell deodorising units
  4. Infant hygiene, including nappy change tables and nappy disposal bins
  5. Hand washing and drying, including paper towel dispensers and paper towel stock
  6. Commercial hand dryers
  7. Toilet and cubicle hygiene supplies and services
  8. Adult and child disabled facilities

Sanitary Services

A unit to dispose sanitary waste is essential in the female toilets of any Commercial premises. Feminine hygiene products will block up and clog the plumbing as they are not designed to be flushed down the toilet. Further to this, they can harm our environment as they pollute the waterways. At CFI the Sanitary bins we provide to your venue are cleaned with an eco-friendly product and hygienically maintained, which includes lining all units with an odour controlling bin liner. This is then followed by applying sani-granuals which sanitise and deodorise the units and eliminate all bacteria and odours. This system employed by CFI guarantees you will continually have fresh, hygienic and effective bathroom hygiene. This facility is vital to ensure cleanliness and extremely important to your female staff and guests to your venue. We have two options for our manual sanitary bins, a size of 23 or 27 litres, which also come in a variety of colours to ensure they suit any bathroom decor. The slim fit option allows easy installation and are transportable if necessary.

Premium ‘Automatic No-Touch’ Units

CFI services offer the latest “no touch” sanitary units. This design requires a simple wave of the hand over the unit and it will automatically open. A “no touch” system provides a safer, cleaner and more hygienic environment in the female toilets of your venue. The latest automated range that CFI can provide have many other auto options to choose from, including foam/gel hand soap dispensers. A complete “no touch” service delivers cleaner, fresher and easier solutions for your members and guests. Commercial Facilities Integrated can offer the most advanced and effective units for all of your bathroom requirements. For a specially designed, obligation free bathroom inspections and evaluation, please contact us today.

Urinal Cleaning & Urinal Screens

In terms of urinal cleaning, Commercial facilities Integrated use an environmentally friendly system that solves the urinal odour problem by destroying its source. This is unlike many other products that will purely deodorise. CFI Services provides de-scaling and deep cleaning of the plumbing which in turn prevents clogged drains and will increase the flow rate throughout the entire sewage system within the building. CFI offers guaranteed non-pathogenic strains. The solution we propose will eliminate the use of chemical products such as air freshener sprays or toilet cleaners, therefore offering your venue huge savings. This system is reliable due to Air works patented and proven dosing system. This system will introduce bio-active enzyme producing bacteria to the organic waste products and produce powerful enzymes capable of eliminating these compounds. Our patented products are both pleasantly scented and biodegradable. There will no longer be a need to use hazardous or corrosive chemical drain openers that may cause damage to your drain pipes resulting in unwanted costs to your venue. A measured amounted of a scented solution is used with each flush. This product contains an active ingredient which will penetrate deep inside the drainage system in order to prevent scale build-up as well as bacteria growth.

CFI Services offer treatments for all types of WC units, and provide a premium including our “no touch” fully automated washroom programs. Commercial Facilities Integrated can offer the most advanced and effective systems for all of your bathroom requirements. For a specially designed, obligation free bathroom inspections and evaluation, please contact us today.

T-Cell Deodorising System

Even restrooms that are clean will be perceived as dirty if there are unpleasant smells present. The most effective way to prevent a negative image based on scent is to neutralise bad odours with an Air Freshening Unit and Service. CFI’S unique TCell system is the world’s first continuous odour control system. This unit delivers an exact dose of high quality, pure designer fragrance blended with an odour neutraliser, for a guaranteed use of 60 or 90 days without requiring batteries. Our TCell system is the perfect environmental solution because it does not contain propellants or added VOCs and the components are recyclable. There are many advantages of using this unique air freshening system, such as:

  • The system generates a clean, fresh scent
  • Offers a Consistent level of fragrance throughout 60-90-day refill life
  • Consumer preferred, designer fragrances
  • An environmentally friendly option
  • TCell requires No batteries
  • No added VOCs
  • It Is a Noise free air freshener dispenser which is ideal for your club/hotel venues
  • Contains no moving parts so maintenance is not an issue
  • Effective up to 6,000 cubic feet (approx. 800 square ft.)
  • Contains Microtrans which are a true odour neutraliser

CFI offers a Lifetime Warranty on this unique, exceptional system. Please contact us today for a site inspection and a no obligation quote.

Nappy Bins

At Commercial Facilities Integrated our Infant Nappy bins provided to your venue are cleaned with an eco-friendly product and hygienically maintained, which includes lining all units with an odour controlling bin liner. This is then followed by applying sani-granuals which sanitise and deodorise the units and eliminate all bacteria and odours. This system employed by CFI guarantees you will continually have fresh, hygienic and effective bathroom hygiene. These Nappy bins have a large volume and are designed for the disposal of babies nappies, however they can alternatively be used in disabled toilets or in areas of very high sanitary demand. The Infant nappy bins are serviced weekly to offer convenience and high quality hygiene standards.

Infant Change Tables

Commercial Facilities Integrated provides your venue with safe and convenient infant change tables which can be fitted to any bathroom wall. This option provides validation to your patrons and guests that their requirements and the wellbeing and comfort of their infants is a main focus in your establishment. This will elevate their overall experience of visiting your venue.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

‘Supplying our venues with certified technicians, trusted and trained,
leaders in the Facilities Management industry’

CFI professional carpet maintenance programs have many benefits over time. These include increasing the longevity of the carpet, keep the appearance to the highest standard and improve the indoor air quality and health. Our maintenance programs are specifically designed to each individual venue, cleaning with technology and advanced equipment.

When you use our experienced team for your carpet cleaning we ensure that the carpets come up looking their very best and smelling great with our steam cleaning and odour control system. Carpets are dry within 30 minutes and we guarantee no disruption to any area of your venue through carpets being too wet. Our CFI technicians work to the Australian standard AZ3733 and also to the (IICRC) codes of practice and are regularly updated to industry changes and continual training.

Our technicians are also certified flood and water damage, in the event of an emergency we are available 24/7 and have all the necessary drying equipment and dehumidifiers to handle any size flood. You will be provided with an after-hours emergency contact number for your venues maintenance manager.

Before starting a program our site managers meet with our clients for a pre-inspection/risk assessment and site induction. We will also provide the venues delegated staff member our CFI sight register which contains: Safe work method statements, MSDS Sheets and our insurance certificates of currency.

Commercial Tile Restoration

Stained, soiled and/or damaged grout can spoil the appearance of a once striking entrance way or function area, and should be professionally cleaned to leave the best impression on a commercial venues customer. Tile restoration is one of CFI’S specialities and involves much more than bleaching and scrubbing. At Commercial Facilities Integrated we provide professional restoration of dated and worn tiles, and offer services that renew and rejuvenate both the tile itself and the grout. This service is provided at a fraction of the cost of replacing the existing tiles. Having over 25 years of experience in this field, our technicians have the skill, the equipment and the knowledge that is essential when performing a superior job.

There are numerous different types of tile and an understanding of the various finishes is crucial when completing tile restoration work. Wear and tear over many years in unavoidable, with certain types of tile being more prone to damage, dirt and grime. Therefore, tile maintenance is necessary on a regular basis to ensure longevity and a high standard of appearance for your venue.

It is clear that bleaching and/or scrubbing will remove a portion of the stain and dirt, however it will not restore the tile or grout to its original condition. Professional tile restoration will renew and refresh the tiles in your venue using our specialised equipment and knowledge. At CFI, we pride ourselves on performing all features of tile cleaning, these include:

  1. Initial tile and grout on-site inspection
  2. Use of specialised and highest quality cleaning products
  3. Stain removal
  4. Eliminating grease, dirt and mildew
  5. Colour restoration, bringing the tile back to life
  6. Cleaning with technologically innovative equipment
  7. The use of pressure cleaning and extraction
  8. Education and maintenance to ensure longevity of your tiles

Commercial facilities Integrated offers services in tile restoration and grout cleaning on all the following types of tiles:

  • Bluestone Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Granite Tiles
  • Limestone Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Quarry Tiles
  • Sandstone Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Terrazzo Tiles
  • Travertine Tiles

Each job is completed with trained technicians, following all safety procedures and using the highest quality products and equipment on the market today.